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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Post Match SOAP Schedule

What is SOAP?

The Post-Match SOAP or Supplemental Offer & Acceptance Program is made to serve eligible & unmatched applicants as well as Programs who did not match or fill up their Positions in the Regular Season. 
On March 11, 2013 unmatched applicants will have an opportunity to obtain one of the remaining unfilled Positions in the Post-Match using SOAP. 

Below is the Time-line of Events for SOAP 2013

Note: The NRMP will contact Applicants on March 8, 2013 weather or not they are SOAP eligible or Not regardless of the Match Status.

For More Information of What SOAP is , Why was it Started, How it Works & How to know Your Eligibility for SOAP, Click the links given Below.
    P.S=>In the Second Link Go to the IV. Post Match heading.

Have fun!! Hope You Never have to use it. ;) ;) :) :)

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